HVGA will host eight official tournaments during our regular golf season from February through October. These tournaments are opened to all golfers and are generally held on the first Saturday or Sunday of every month during our golf season.

You can only compete for trophy prizes if you are a member of the HVGA. We encourage all golfers to join our association. You don’t have to be a good player to join. All of our tournaments are based on HVGA’s Handicap Index.

HVGA will provide all members with a Handicap Index issued by the association and are updated monthly. Trophies and prizes will be awarded to players with the lowest NET and lowest GROSS scores only.

  1. All tournaments entry fees are green fees + $15 (prize and HVGA). Non-members are eligible for closest to pin and accurate drive contests, but not NET or GROSS trophy.
  2. All members must notify coordinators by the deadline of their intent to play.
  3. All members must play in at least 4 tournaments in order to qualify for the HVGA’s Club Championship and the Texas Cup team.
  4. All tournaments awards will be based on 2 system, NET and GROSS score.
  5. There will be two flights for every tournament. The cutoff for A-Flight and B-Flight:
    • Any member with a 14 HCP or lower when calculating the course HCP is automatically in A-Flight.
    • Any member with a 15 HCP or more when calculating the course HCP is automatically in B-Flight.
    • All players will play off from the same tee box.
  6. USGA Rules will apply to all tournaments. To be fair to all participants, absolutely no gimmees.
  7. In an event of a tie in a tournament HVGA will do a scorecard playoff starting with the three most difficult holes to determine the winner. A player with the lowest sum based on the first 3 most difficult holes will be determined as the winner. Any ties after that is a hole by hole playoff of the next difficult hole until a winner is determined. The determined winner will receive the Gross trophy and the full TXCP points for first place.
  8. All awards are based on NET SCORES or GROSS SCORES. NET SCORES = Player’s gross score minus player’s course handicap.
  9. New members must have at least 2 HVGA Tournament scores to establish an HVGA index before they can win NET SCORE Trophy; however, new members can win GROSS SCORE trophy at any time.