Newsletter – November 2012

Greetings, HVGA

I would like to thank all the members and guests who showed up at the 2012 Club Championship tournament at River Ridge Golf Course to support our club. We had an exciting morning round, coupled by several surprising finishes in the afternoon. The course conditions were at premium conditions, with fast greens to boot. Surely, the winners earned their keep for playing great golf in both rounds. Iím certain everyone else also had a great time.

The Club Championship and Year End Dinner was also a success, thanks to all the support from members and their families. Guests also showed up to support our cause, along with a couple of Vietnamese charity organizations. Johnny Dang Charities and Medical Aid for Vietnam representatives shared their mission with all those who were present. Our members showed their generosity towards the charities by donating some of the winning raffle golf equipment (CT- driver, Tuan-Scotty Putter, etc.), as well as bidding on auction items that were aimed at fundraising for HVGA and Medical Aid for Vietnam. HVGA appreciates all members and their families who purchased raffle tickets and bided on auction items. HVGA recorded our highest fundraising amount ever from the raffle ticket sells and auctions. This was what was needed to keep the budget afloat due to the high cost of hosting the Texas Cup Event this year. We hoped everyone had a great time and continue to give us input on making the Year End Dinner a lasting tradition.

The Texas Cup event was hosted by the Houston team this year, and we certainly didn’t disappoint. The Texas Cup Captain, Ha Huynh, and co-captain, Thomas Nguyen, made sure our team had plenty of practice prior to the event to ensure success. The team spirit was there from the start, and echoed throughout the practice rounds and team pep rally held at the captain’s house several days before the event. Team chemistry and hard work led to the B Flight team’s success in keeping the trophy in Houston. Unfortunately, the A Flight trophy went back with Dallas team as we bid them and the trophy farewell for another year. Our A Flight team will have their work cut out for them next year to bring the trophy back to Houston. Regardless of who goes home with which trophy, both teams seem to enjoy themselves throughout the event. As usual, there were plenty of new friendships made between the opposing teams, and old friends from afar were once again united for the weekend. Let’s hope this lasting tradition continues between our two great clubs, and new traditions are born with other VGA clubs as well.

Finally, the end of the two year term for many of the committee positions is here, and HVGA is again looking for volunteers to fill any open positions. The committee will meet shortly to sum up this year’s events and show the balance that will be carried over to the next. There will be a couple of emails that will come out of this meeting, so please keep an eye out for them. Your valuable responses and inputs will be welcomed to help us shape next year’s agendas and focus.

Thank you for your continued support of our growing club.

Kiet Luong
HVGA President


On Your Mark, Ready, Set … Golf!

We are deep into fall, but in the sports world there’s actually competitive golf still going on — in fast motion.

Sunday is the final round of the inaugural World Speed Golf Championship, being held on the southern Oregon coast. Speed golf is the antidote to the plodding 5-hour round, instead hitting 18 holes in sometimes less than an hour.

On a recent afternoon, Christopher Smith, a teaching pro at Pumpkin Ridge Golf Course in Portland, Ore., headed out for a quick round on the links. Speed golf is about more than just cutting down on your practice swings or picking up your walking pace on the course. For a speed round, Smith dons running shoes. Read more.

2012 Texas Cup Photos

Many thanks to Quyen Phan for capturing the great competition of the Texas Cup.

Tracing the Root of the Ryder Cup Back to Its Seed

Harry Vardon competed in the first Ryder Cup. The 1926 event was not recognized as official because the Americans needed to use fill-ins from other countries.

The Ryder Cup, which will be held for the 39th time this week at Medinah Country Club near Chicago, has become one of the most keenly anticipated team events in sports. But the origins of the event are somewhat muddled. Read more.

2012 Sponsors

We’d like to thank all of our sponsors this year for their contribution to our club.

Johnny Dang & Co.
Kraig Nguyen
Vinh P Nguyen

Medical Aid for Vietnam Charity Golf Tournament

Come out and play golf for a good cause at the 2012 Medical Aid for Vietnam 2nd Charity Golf Tournament – hosted by Johnny Dang & Co. Fine Custom Jewelry.

Click here for information on registration and sponsorship opportunities.

Augusta National to Add First Two Female Members

Photo: Justin Nguyen

Augusta National Golf Club, which has come under increasing attack over the past decade because of its all-male membership, announced Monday that it had added two female members: Condoleezza Rice, the former secretary of state, and Darla D. Moore, a South Carolina businesswoman. Read more.

Woods, McIlroy to stage one-day exhibition in China

NEW YORK (AP) — Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy will square off in China this fall in a one-day exhibition.

Woods and McIlroy are to play an 18-hole match at Lake Jinsha International Golf Club on Oct. 29, the Monday after the top two players in the Official World Golf Ranking compete in different Asian tournaments.

Mark Steinberg at Excel Sports Management, the agent for Woods, says the exhibition has been in the works for a couple of months. He described it as customer entertainment.

The timing could not be better. McIlroy won the PGA Championship on Sunday, boosting comparisons with Woods. They are the only two players to win multiple majors by at least eight shots over the last 35 years. McIlroy won his second major at a slightly younger age than when Woods won the second of his 14 majors.

“I’m sure this gives it a little more pop,” Steinberg said. “Rory has moved to No. 1 in the world, and clearly they are the two most recognizable names in golf.”

Woods will be playing the CIMB Classic in Malaysia on Oct. 25-28, while McIlroy will be competing in the Volvo Masters in Shanghai.

These 18-hole exhibitions are nothing new for Woods, who played David Duval in a Monday night match on network TV in 1999 when they were battling for No. 1 in the world. McIlroy and Woods played together in Abu Dhabi to start the year, and they will be in the same group at The Barclays next week when the FedExCup playoffs begin. But unless they are paired in Ryder Cup singles — a blind draw — the “Duel at Lake Jinsha” will be their first time going head-to-head.

“It should be a lot of fun,” McIlroy said in a telephone interview with Golf Channel on Wednesday. “First time I’ve really ever done something like this with Tiger.”


Hung Ly with an approach that led to one of his three birdies for the day.

Thanks to Tiffany Luong for braving the heat to capture some great images at Redstone.

After 40 Years, U.S. to Clean Up Agent Orange in Vietnam

DA NANG, Vietnam – In the tropical climate of central Vietnam, weeds and shrubs seem to grow everywhere – except here.

Forty years after the United States stopped spraying herbicides in the jungles of Southeast Asia in the hopes of denying cover to Vietcong fighters and North Vietnamese troops, an air base here is one of about two dozen former American sites that remain polluted with an especially toxic strain of dioxin, the chemical contaminant in Agent Orange that has been linked to cancers, birth defects and other diseases.

On Thursday, after years of rebuffing Vietnamese requests for assistance in a cleanup, the United States inaugurated its first major effort to address the environmental effects of the long war. Read more.

In Bustling Vietnam, a Rare and (Still Untrammeled) Escape

Sao Beach draws visitors seeking a place to reflect on the beauty of Phu Quoc. The beach, on the opposite coast from the rapidly developing Long Beach, is prized for its relative inaccessibility. Read more.

Texas Cup Logo

Introducing the new Texas Cup logo.

Newsletter – May 2012

Hello HVGA Golfers,

Eagle Pointe Tournament: After several tries to schedule our tournament at Eagle Pointe at the beginning of the golf season, we were finally able to tee off there in late April. The wait was well worth it since the weather was beautiful and the course was in great playing condition, in addition to great scoring condition as well. This is the first time in HVGA history that the monthly tournament was help on a Sunday instead of the usual Saturday tournaments, and the number of HVGA members and guests who showed up is a testament of the high interest in adding Sunday monthly tournaments from now on. Thank you everyone for showing up and participating in this pilot event.

The elusive ACE (hole-in-one) struck another HVGA member, Lanh Xuan Nguyen, during the Eaglepoint tourney. Congrats to Anh Lanh for making a hole-in-one during tournament play. This is a second ACE we had in 2012 already, and we’re not even half way through the season yet! It makes you wonder how many more there will be by the end of the season since our members are displaying stellar golf play this year.

As usual, there are always a few members who performed “heads and shoulders” above everyone else in the field, posting scores in the 70′s in their respective flights. We are proud of these members for their high achievements, and want to recognize them all. These members include: Hien Vo (75), Bang Le (78), Thanh Tran (79), and Lanh Xuan Nguyen (78). Also worth mentioning are members who also show improvement and scored low rounds: Justin Nguyen (80), Jimmy Dang (81), Phong Dang (82), and many others. Congrats on a well-played round of golf!

These are your Gross and Net winners for each flight, and closest to the pin contest for the Eagle Pointe tournament.

A Flight GROSS: Hien Vo
B Flight GROSS: Bang Le

A Flight NET: Michael Dang
B Flight NET: Lanh Xuan Nguyen

C Flight GROSS: Angelo Huynh

Closest to Hole #3: Truong Nguyen
Closest to Hole #8: Lanh Xuan Nguyen
Closest to Hole #12: Lanh X Nguyen (ACE)
Closest to Hole #15: Joe Bui

HVGA Crawfish Boil: The week following the tournament was our annual HVGA crawfish boil, hosted at Leo’s house. Our event coincided with Leo’s Volleyball invitational, resulting in a huge outing for both groups. The crawfish was boiled and served by Batch 9 instead of the usual Mike Bui and Carina spicy combination that we’re used to. We’d like to thank Batch 9 for their contributions and hard work to HVGA in this event.

Because of the high turnout for this event, the committee did not get to fully execute some of the planned activities for the members. We will try to identify more resources and connections our members have to make sure future events are more fulfilling and enjoyed by all who attended.

A special thanks goes out to all the hard work these individuals put in to facilitate this event:

  • Leo for all his hard work in preparing before and cleaning after to successfully host this event at this house
  • Nhan and Claudia for planning and ordering ALL of the food, drinks, supplies, etc.
  • Alex for his superb BBQ skills
  • Kraig, Justin & Mike Bui for the purchase of crawfish, ice, bouncer, etc.
  • Bac (batch 9) for cooking the crawfish; Binh, Nhan and Bobby for their help in cleaning and serving the crawfish
  • Some of the Volleyball folks who worked with Leo (e.g. Anh Hoa) to set up the facility as well
  • Anyone else whom I may have missed

The crawfish boil is one of the few events where HVGA members and their families can get to know one another; therefore, we hope to improve on this event every year.

The Wilderness Tournament: The week After the HVGA crawfish boil came the HVGA May tournament at The Wilderness Golf Course in Lake Jackson. This course has always been a favorite of mine, due to its great course condition. Other than the slower greens this time around, the course was in prime scoring conditions. Kudos again to those that posted rounds in the 70′s: Hien Vo (79), Alex Nguyen (75), Thanh Tran (78), Joe Bui (74), and Tu Dang (79). Like they say in the PGA commercials: these guys ARE good!

The following winners showed that they can compete and win despite glaring sun and grueling temperatures.

A Flight GROSS: Alex Nguyen
B Flight GROSS: Joe Bui

A Flight NET: Nhan Tran
B Flight NET: Tu Dang

C Flight GROSS: Thao Luong

Closest to Hole #4: Vinny Nguyen
Closest to Hole #8: Thai Vu
Closest to Hole #13: Alex Nguyen
Closest to Hole #16: Hoang N Tran

Since we’ve had three events in three weekends in a row, I’m just going to share the balance as of 5/24/12, which is $2,287.00. If any member needs more detailed report, please contact me and I’ll share the information with you. We’re about half way through the season, and should be saving up for the Texas Cup in October since we’re hosting the event this year. Our year end dinner is also approaching, and we want to make sure that event is also enjoyed by all the members and their families. All-in-all, we are on the right track as far as the balance is concerned.

Hope everyone can relax a little, now that these three events are behind us. Hope to see you all at High Meadow Ranch for the June tournament.

Kiet Luong
HVGA President



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