Each year, the Houston Vietnamese Golf Associations and the Dallas Ft. Worth Vietnamese Golf Association (DFWVGA) compete in a team match play competition. This event is known as the Texas Cup and was officially established in 2003.


There will be two flights: Flight A and Flight B. Each flight is considered to be a separate competition.

Match Play Formats

  • Saturday morning: six matches for each flight between two-man teams – Foursomes (alternate shot matches)
  • Saturday afternoon: six matches for each flight between two-man teams – Four-ball (best-ball matches)
  • Sunday morning: final round individual match play consists of twelve matches for each flight.


Each match score will be calculated pursuant to USGA rule 2 which governs Match play. The winner of each match will receive 1 point. The losing side will receive 0 point. In the event the match ends in a tie, each side will receive a half of a point.

Number of Players

24 & 2 Alternates


Houston (City of Houston and surrounding suburbs) and Dallas (DFW metropolitan areas and Suburbs) only.


  • Local and USGA Rules of Golf govern all play
  • Hosting club will clearly provide written rulings for the course including local rules, OB, hazards etc. to the visiting team one month before Texas Cup
  • Hosting club will select Saturday formats and let other club know by (June 1st) (Hosting club can select 2 or 1 formats for both rounds, but cannot combine 2 formats in 1 round)
  • Pairings for Saturday matches will be disclosed on Friday night, and pairings for Sunday matches will be disclosed on Saturday night.
  • Hosting club will select tee box and yardage, fully disclosed (June 1st)
  • Final list of 24 players and 2 subs must be delivered to other team 2 weeks prior to Texas Cup event
  • Injuries & Substitutions:
    • If a player declares an injury in middle of a singles or alternate/modified alternate shot match, he’ll forfeit and the opposing team will be earn a full point for that match. In case of best ball match, his partner may proceed to play the rest of the match against the opposing team by himself.
    • If a player declares an injury after the round, his team can use someone else to substitute for him. The injured player is NOT allowed to return to compete for remaining matches of the respective event.
    • Each team is allowed to have 2 substitutions for the entire weekend. 1 sub as a voluntary and 1 sub for injury. Or each team is allow 2 injury subs but never 2 voluntary subs. The voluntary sub is allowed to rejoin the matches. The injured players can’t rejoin the matches.

Match Pairings (“Ryder Cup” or “Presidents Cup”)

The hosting club will select one match pairing style, and this pairing style will be used for all 3 rounds. Ex: if Ryder Cup, Blind Draw was used on Saturday, this style must also be used on Sunday)

NOTE: The hosting club must disclose selection of match pairing style (Ryder/President Cup) by June 1st of each year.


To be eligible for points and compete on the Texas Cup team, a player must be Vietnamese or of Vietnamese origin.

Vietnamese Origin:

  • You were born in Vietnam; or
  • One of your biological parents was born in Vietnam; or
  • One of your biological grandparents was born in Vietnam.

Proof required: The player has the burden of proof to show that he is of Vietnamese origin. Legal documentation may include but not limited to birth certificate(s), Passport(s), US permanent residence card(s), US Naturalization certificate(s), refugee card(s). HVGA has the sole discretion to determine whether the documentation provided is authentic.

Other Requirements

  • Each club will establish its own qualification requirements
  • It is the responsibility of the Hosting club to relate all required information above to the visiting club in a timely manner. It is also the responsibility of the visiting club to inquire, if not receive
  • Tournament cost: Provide an estimate 2 months before Texas Cup event (and exact cost 1 month before the Texas Cup, if exact cost is not available 2 months before)
  • Trophies: have to be at the golf course for viewing and picture-taking on Saturday and Sunday mornings
  • Trophy Presentation: There will be a formal trophy presentation at lunch on Sunday
  • Schedule practice tee times for visiting team (preferably 12-1pm on Friday before Texas Cup event). Negotiate in the contract with the Texas Cup course for tee times up to 24 players for the visiting team. If the visiting team can’t make tee times, it’s their responsibility to reschedule or cancel